Once there were two corgis

During a conversation I had with a corgi owner I mentioned that I was going to get my first pembroke welsh corgi puppy later on that month. The only and by far most accurate response was “Once you own one corgi you’ll never settle for just one”  and hot damn were they correct.. Even today every corgi owner I have talked to has mentioned, thought of or has multiple corgis.

     This whole adventure started way back when, when Audrey was just about a year old and we were visiting our local dog park.  Like most days it was filled with labs and retrievers the occasional mix and match breeds but this day we spot a couple with a small red and white fluffy butt. With corgi senses tingling the encounter went to automatic photo shoots and trading of pet names and personalities.

The day ended and we went our separate ways. Weeks and months went by with the hope of finding the mysterious Isaac the boy corgi who  I imagined a budding puppy romance with never showing his adorable massive face at the park.  My heart have up on finding him, Audrey all the while still watching the other dogs suspicious convinced she was mastiff size so these labs must be giants or horses.  

     We had moved on from the “romance” we physically moved houses, found a human boyfriend and started looking at corgi websites to see what other owners were up to. Much to our delight we found a  local group that wanted to start meeting up once a month, talk shop, make puppy friends and  over all good times with nubbin legs and giant ears. Sounded like the perfect weekend daycation if you will.
 We arrive to a small herd of Pembroke and a couple Cardigans and everything is fantastic, the humans are delightfully nice and absolutely in love with their furry companions. 
But wait, this long white winter coat, why is this one human so similar…why does her dog’s
name and face ring all of the bells.  Then it clicks, she says that they live in the town next to the dog park and before I know what’s happening it’s already happened. ITS ISAAC, THE SIR ISAAC NEWTON. And like the suave human I am my exclamation is “I have a picture of your dog on my phone! We met at the Stown dog Park!”
 The excitement grows as we remember each other’s pups and joke about how it’s fate they have met up again and they will fall in love and have the cutest babies.
The air gets slightly serious 
“Audrey’s not fixed so she could”
“Isaac isn’t either..they could”
 Almost almost a year later here I am  plotting with fellow corgi parent and avid breed lover,  for our own puppies.  And so follows the narrative of  two women , their beloved bunny butts and their men on the adventure that is the reproduction of Sir Isaac Newton and Audrey  Beyoncé Hepburn.
Mind everyone (or anyone..just who ever  finds this) I am  not career or show breeders or trained in veteran airy fields , just parents. All of the information I (we) have is from research between books, articles online and our vets.  Please do not use this as a step by step guide or anything of that nature. 

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