Week 1: Preparing for Go Time

Week 1

Preparing for Take Off

Books bought and read: Check
Internet has been combed through: Check
Vet received and answered list of questions: Check

The next thing to do? Wait till the heat is on and then get them to do the dirty.

And wait..

And wait..

And wait..

And wait a little more, plans were started in the spring, books were bought in the summer and memorized by the end of July and then finally, beginning of August hit and impatience really set in. Audrey was probably the best sport during the ordeal of tricking her into tummy rubs and checking every day for the (mind you the only time any one is ever excited for this) small signs that heat had set in.

Finally…Finally curl up into bed one night, after Audrey’s growls and stern talking to’s about staying up late and not petting her, she takes her place laying down taking up as much space has her bunny butt can and rolls trying to steal my pillow it happens. That spot on the sheets, that I now have to put my bedding into the wash for, have thankfully finally arrived and so begins the journey.

Days 1-7 (ish these are all geustimates depending on the dog) the beginning of heat: Slight bleeding,            swollen lady parts and yes even them some puppy cramps. On the upside she smells great to the boys.  Perfect time for a sleepover…Day 3 The fun begins and Audrey is dropped off

Day 8-15 is when it is really go time. Lot of waiting and encouragement. I’m sure both Audrey and Isaac gained a couple pounds in treats any time they showed interest in each other.
      Almost a week goes by before the two of them get jiggy with it, if you will, so I decide to stop by for a little mommy puppy time because you know distance makes the heart grow fonder or so we hoped. Upon arrival at Casa de Isaac it happens. IT HAPPENS. This is the part that absolutely no book ever warns you about.  Isaac hops on and starts the dance, then all of a sudden he stops moving, steps his front leg over so he is standing more the the side of her ( all stated in all the books) and then (this not stated in ANY book) Audrey starts screaming bloody murder. During the tie they cannot move apart or risk injury to both of them so M and I had to create a human cuddle circle to snuggle Audrey and pet Isaac to keep them together.

 For the first two minutes she would cry and scream and whimper and try to curl up in a ball and snuggle as close to one of us as she could. After some treat bribing and snuggling she calmed right down and well…enjoyed herself. The tie lasted 45 long and awkward moving minutes but ended with too happy and tired pups.  And then the count down begins.

63 Days till whelping. 

The next day I got into work and received a text that during a blink of an eye they tied again, this time for an hour and ten minutes. At first after listening and seeing Audrey through the first tie I didn’t understand how people who had two dogs accidentally got pregnant. I revoke that statement after the second tie, they can be quiet sneaky buggers…just like us I guess.

 If that isn’t the face of pure satisfaction I don’t know what is.

WEEK 1: Now Audrey has been home for almost a week, today is has been a full week since the first tie. No signs have started if she is pregnant yet. Lots of sleeping, spent almost all of Saturday asleep between the bed and the pile of packing papers.  She started getting scrambled eggs in a couple of her breakfasts to get a little extra protein and get her to eat regular meals in stead of holding out until the cat knocks over their food bins and going crazy on kitty kibble. Thus starts Week 2 and we still have a couple weeks before physical changes so we are keeping an eye on personality changes.


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