Week 2 Corgi Meet up.

Week 2

The waiting game is going great. We are still guessing at every movement, every bark and every belly rub if the buns are in the oven.
In the mean time we had our monthly corgi meet up!  Lots of new faces and a couple oldies but goodies of course.  A much needed group friend time for Audrey, although her boy friend couldn’t make it this time, but still very enjoyable with the new friends. 
A mix of Cardigans and their fluffy tails

And two new fluffs showed their beautiful fluffy butts

And Tri-colors!
They all had all of the fun and it was a good party of all shapes and sizes with stories of tomato thieves and even a very confused guest.
Of course after an afternoon of new friends and new pets they were all quite herp derped out.
Week 2: This is the time of questioning everything. She still sleeps a lot, that’s good right? Baking puppies is tiring work, or her and the cat play so hard during the day that when I get home she needs to nap.  I can’t tell if she’s getting any bigger yet, although she has been super prone to belly rubs. Go near her stomach and she is on her back and and paws in the air.  Scrambled eggs are snuck into her breakfast every couple of days, get the extra protein in to help, just in case. She is back to eating maybe one meal a day, mainly snacking on her kibble, which can also be a sign of pregnancy. Oh all the signs and none of the signs at the same time.  Week three will hopefully shed more light on this. Until then more waiting and proteins and tummy rubs asking how many are in there.

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