Week 3: Questioning Everything

Week 3

Bulging momma belly? Not yet, but Mama G says she does look like she’s starting to gain a little bit of weight! Upon further belly rub inspections I believe her statement to be true.
 Preggers waddle? She has the waddle down pretty well to begin with. 
Morning sickness? None to be seen. 
Appetite change? Oh yes, or she got spoiled and is playing the I won’t eat unless its breakfast sausage game. 
Week three came and went with little activity, Audrey, much to her delight, got to spend the weekend and grandma and grandpa’s and was more spoiled than a forgotten apple under your car seat. (which she is very good at finding if you are unsure there is fruit rolling around your back seat) All treats were under the “We didn’t want her to starve if she’s carrying” clause so  a treat dispensing ball full of kibble, shredded pieces of chicken, scrambled eggs and sausage pieces were her menu for the weekend, you know..for the sake of the puppies. As long as she eats something, and isn’t starving herself for the sake of proving a point I’m good. 
We did get do go on a small adventure to the Coventry Farmer’s Market for Yarn weekend. Lots of sheepies and alpaca to sniff, and plenty of bags of yarn for Audrey to stuff her head in. She has been a notorious little theif. Starting with regular stuffed animals, working her way up to the largest stuffed bear she could find in the house when we told her no to the others. Her best hiding spot was taking a working project of a dark brown scarf and hiding it under the end table of the living room in the dark corner behind an elephant statue. It took us a couple hours to find it. Her best find however was that of a bright red piece of plastic poking out of her tv cave, the tv table at my parents house has a table cloth on it so she would sleep being the dvd player and nap. We took a closer look at said plastic, she has found a red Floppy disc. Yup..a floppy disc, we didn’t even know we still had them in the house, but she found a stash.  The table owners of an alpaca yarn shop thought Audrey’s curiosity adorable when she put the scarf down in her bag to cash us out and there the pup’s nose went right into the bulk of her yarn. After the stories she was more impressed than worried.
It was a successful adventure of yarns and fibers and pumpkin puppy treats, we met dogs of all sorts and she even had the courage to try and sniff an Irish Wolf Hound. I wish I had a picture but I was too busy giving it some love while his owners gave belly rubs to Audrey. Lots of previous and current corgi owners wishing they had brought their bunny butts to meet her. 
The vet has been emailed and hopefully in two more weeks we will have an ultrasound with five or six little blips of puppy butts.  Fingers crossed.
Best Wishes

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