Week 4: Moving Along

Week 4:

Can you see it?! Is that it??!!! A little baby bump! 
So on top of trying to gather our puppy kits together we had a surprise move. You know the kind where you sort of start packinf because you know the new apartment will be ready in a little bit and then BAM that was it, we were in the new place. 
Audrey and her partner in crime Jax must have been thinking, 
Day 1  “Hey okay we do sleep overs at other places sometimes this could be cool”
Day 2: “Okay guys this was all fun playing in boxes and such but can we go home now?”
Day 3: ” Alright seriously Ma…I’m bored, my toys are trapped behind the couch which is upside down so I cannot sit on the back to watch over the house hold. Can we for the love of all that is good go home now?”
The house has been filled with the sounds of stomping paws and loud splooting and frustrated heads hitting the ground. But she may be stressed and that’s not good for a preggers pupup…Don’t let her demand for hardwood floors and accessible cat litter fool you (which is now on a pile of boxes instead of behind a baby gate) 
She now has almost every window in the house at corgi height. 

Even a window seat for her Pampered beautiful behind.
The only thing that has happened from the move that is what I think a CLEAR sign of pregnancy is her personality change. I bought her a giant marrow bone as a please like it here” and a “I know you like these and they will keep you busy while I unpack” present…She wont chew on them
This is the dog who went through an entire three foot bone in almost a month and a half..
The dog who stole and destroyed Isaac’s chewy bone in a day.
The destroyer of squeakers and what gives stuffed animals nightmares.
Doesn’t want to chew on her bone…
If that’s not a big personality change due to buns in the oves I don’t know what is. (Edit: She started destroying the bone days after i typed up this part..BUT STILL)
With this new sign up and out we made our Vet appointment for an ultra-sound on October 2 and we will see how many little baby fluffs we got cookin’.
Puppy Kit:

Vet Appointment confirmed
Whelping box shopping list
Toys…so many New Toys, its like a normal person and baby clothes.
A list of questions for the Vet…Per usual

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