Week 4.5: SAY WHAT

Mid week update:
I want to scream and bite so many things I don’t know how I ever managed to go any where in public today.
Normal week so far, she started on puppy formula and started eating dry food again after being super picky and only eating can food. Not too bad at least she picked something she liked.
Had our vet appointment this morning. Go in and get into the room and the very nice woman makes this face “I don’t know if this is a good thing or not” kind of face. We assured her it was the most planned pregnancy you could get. We said hello to our vet, who is an absolute sweetheart, and off she went to the ultrasounds.
Maybe thirty seconds later…an entire building of vets, vet techs and assistants started screaming.  And that boys and girls is when we knew we were having puppies…
And so far starts the train down the ail of preparation. 

They sort of look like an alien, as fetus babies do, but this is the top(?) view of one of 3-6 baby nubbins.


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