Week 5: Building Boxes

Week 5:

It is time to get to the grindstone. Like Serious, lets do thisssssssssssss
 Did I mention we are having puppies..
Okay, calm down. You got this..Freak out of the week. Done. Check that off the list, now let’s get down to business.
Whelping box building. The stable of the litter. The Manger of the new born babes. The home to these little nuggets of adorable. Mind you I am no master carpenter but we will do our best/ make Boyfriend do all the dangerous cutting so we have all ten fingers to pet nubbins with. (Which is the most important)
Step one: Measure yo’ shit. Make sure that your box will be big enough to hold your girl relaxin’ as well as a bunch of little munchkins wiggling around, but not too big that they will be far from each other or their mother. Recommended size is 34″x36″x17″. It also needs walls tall enough to keep pups inside but small enough for mama to hop in and out of. 
Step Two: For one who is a massive impulse shopper this is the worst/best part of the project.
GO TO THE STOOORREEE. Bring your tape measure, or buy one there, just make sure you don’t loose it between the shelf and your home like I did…almost twice..I’m still using a fabric tape measure..No judgment. Now listen closely to my advice here, you will need sturdy wood that will uphold liquids and stomping feet and pitter patter paws.  We wandered the store for ours until we found the proper materials. 
Go to Ikea Buy As Is section.
Buy 35″x36″ Shelf unit with no shelves in it for $25.90
Stept 3: Put shelf on its back like a box.   BAM Whelping box..Now all you need is the perks.

Which will be around next week when I build them!! Look foreword to pig rails, and mommy ramp

Massive piles of toys optional…unless you are getting her used to her temporary bed with the puppies.

          In other building and puppy preparation we have successfully hidden the litter box. Sorry dogs but Cat poop is off the menu now.

          Normal set of drawers you say? but wait? wrong a drawer cat jungle of cat box. Jax loves it, I love it, Audrey can’ reach..it’s beautiful.

Don’t you wish everything was this easy?

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