Week 6: Corgale Part Whale Part Corgi

Week 6:

Oh the rolly corgi. Week six aka 8 month pregnant angry woman stage.

Plenty of stomping around and talking and growling and complaining if someone is not petting her at all times. The little nubs have become more nubby has her baby bump becomes a baby mountain.

That thing grew almost over night I swear, every day I think to myself “whelp that’s it she’s pretty fat” and I come home from work and am greeted by an even fatter little sausage. I am not mad.

In all seriousness though it’s about go time. Finishing touches are being put on everything.  Phone calls are being made. Ramps are being assembled so Audrey can make it into the whelping box. Boxes are blocking under all the furniture to prevent under the bed or under the dresser puppies.

Whelping box insides are complete and ready to go.

Eh? not too shabby, I would say its my best project yet. By “my” I mean bought an assembled shelf and Boyfriend cut the wood. But hey i put it together and that has some weight.
For all the complaining and stomping Audrey is still very adamant about going on her morning walks and weekend park trips. Can you blame her? It’s near impossible to walk around the park once without at least one person coming over to give her lovin’s and tell me how cute she is.
The only difference now is she is ready to go home after maybe half a block of walking. I would be tired too if I was a small whale..I mean corgi with the cutest babies on the way

Post Park Nap: Turtle on its back pose.
Oh I almost forgot, in the final steps to finish puppy proofing our apartment and in the final panic moments of a stressful day at work…We have started kitchen assembly. Being a dog Audrey was just excited we were sitting on the floor with her. Jax however has reclaimed his box tower as refuge for whatever storm is coming. (I think he will take to motherhood very well)

Okay, more wood needs to be cut, and rooms to be assembled. Next week is medical supply kit building and getting all of the towels. I mean all of them. every..watch out Marshals I am coming for you.  And probably more toys…There’s a large pile on top of Audrey’s kennel and she is quite upset that she cannot get to them. 
Puppy toys that are Audrey proof are hard to find, if it has seams, fluff or a squeaker the toy now has a 97% chance of destruction in our home. Last thing we need are angst filled puppies because their mother ripped the hearts out of their toys. 
Best Wishes.

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