Week 7: Baby Daddy and Scare #1

Week 7

Audrey is so fat. I mean so fat. Like I thought she was fat last week, but she has reached new goals of how wide she can get. Belly clearance is about 2″ above the floor so we are still good on stairs, thank goodness. 
She is so fat…
Besides the fat…all of it…so much belly….  Lots of getting this ready still, and waiting, and yelling both in excitement and panic. 
Medical kit is almost done just a few more things to get, puppy toys are still being purchased every time I go near any sort of store, and books are being read over and over analyzed. 
And for Baby Daddy visits!

Even pregnant Isaac is still a giant among corgis.

With one week to go to the day we had one last visit from the outside world we got in one last visit from Sir Isaac Newton.

Audrey gave him the full new town tour and stole all of the cuddles and pets from his humans.

And the return of her poofy bed, which I forgot at isaac’s house.

Being the very schedule driven woman that I am (Which is not at all, I try but lets be serious I’m gonna half write this post on sunday and then maybe wednesday I’ll take pictures and post it. I’m working on it I swear)

It’s monday morning and as all mondays are I am up and ready for the world..not. Stumble into life to find that Audrey has gotten sick all over the apartment.

The “Mom I’m sick you should stay home from work..” Look

Clean it up, Make her some rice, and quarantine her to the kitchen while I call the vet.

Met with a hurried “No Food, No Water we will call you back in a minute”

Move her to the whelping box.  A friend asked what I would do if she started labor things this week instead of next week. Your answer? Sit on my bedroom floor in the puppy corner and wait for the vet/any more changes on Audrey’s end..that’s what I’ll do.

The “I’m too fat to jump out of this by myself”

She hasn’t shown any other signs besides vomiting, the pups are moving like dancing aliens. No pawing, or digging, or restlessness. She’s just napping and giving me the look like “I’m not that sick mom please don’t take me to the doctors just let me stay home from school” You know,  that look.

Fat Naps while we wait.

And just like that we have the start of signs..the pre-pre-labor signs. Her temperature has dropped to 100.1 so we are maybe five days out? So now starts the daily temperature checks!!

That was a mildly crazy monday morning..but this means I can handle anything this week right? Right Pup-a-lup?

Until next time..or the big time..
Best Wishes!


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