Week 7.2: Maybe?!??!

Week 7.2:

Starting yesterday I figured it would be a good idea to check Audrey’s temperature after she got sick. It read 100.1 so as one does figured we are in the clear for the next five days. 
Whoa there sailor, you think its that easy? 
Get ready for work this morning and I think to myself, “Hey maybe I’ll check her temp again, ya know, be on the safe side..”
it reads 98.0.  Now I know what you dog people are thinking. “ITS GO TIME” I did too. 
Thought about it..waited a little bit and then after about 15-20 minutes checked her temperature again after looking through my massive corgi novel. 
Now it reads 99.3
Alright we are going back up..maybe she was cold or something. 
Get on the train and head to work, all while thinking “Im going to come home and theres going to be puppies all over my living room…”  I call the vet just to confirm my suspicion and get the “Congradulations!! within the next 4-24 hours you’ll have puppies!!” (Its like a cable company coming out the fix something) . 
So we hopped on the next train home. Filled the whelping box with newspaper and towels and here we are…waiting..and waiting
and waiting..
we will keep you posted on the waiting. 
Her belly has dropped a lot and her hips are more noticeable. She has yet to start showing any other phsyical  signs so we shall see what happens next.

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