Week 7.3: Waiting Game

Week 7.3

Now where did we leave off? Oh yeah we were waiting.. Call the vet and got the okay go, and started the waiting game.
We are still waiting. 
I got home from work around 11:30. And according to the super accurate puppy clock I had about 2 hours left before the 4 hour mark hit and started the 24 hour watching game.  So I did what any expecting puppy mother would do and settled in with my Corgi bible, knitting and Avatar the last air bender and called my mom. Her advice? “A watched pot never boils” so we waited and watched, but not too closely.
And waited
And waited
And waited and oh wait! Is that…nesting?
Don’t judge my
Boxes, we’re still putting the kitchen together
Nope, that’s just her being too fat to turn around..

More waiting. 

Around 4 am I called Audrey’s bluff and went to bed in hopes she would wake me
up in an hour with hard labor.
Nope she slept like a puppy filled rock. 
And with that we play the check her temperature game and see if she holds out till Sunday.
At least we know now she is not gonna make this easy and keep us guessing the whole time. 
Best wishes,

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