Week: They Are HERE


After a full day of sitting and watching and then calling her bluff and going back to normal life I thought we were in the clear until Sunday, you  know the day science told me we would have puppies.
Again I have been mistaken.
Around midnight, 1 am last night I let Audrey out for her last bathroom run and she starts pacing around and looking around nervous. Inside she starts crying and pacing and then digging into her bed. 
Scooping my balloon size pup up and settle her into the whelping box I got everything we needed ready and settled in for the long haul.
A Long Haul..
around 2 am she started panting and inside howling (She makes the face and blows out a little bit but only makes a baby noise.)
and this continues
for three hours.
Three Hours.
I mean to she could have carried on like that for almost ten hours (According to my corgi bible) so for her sake I am so thankful it was only three.
And at 6:30 am our first little nugget is born. 
Puppy number one!
Immediately after the first puppy a second soon followed.

First time around Audrey needed a little help getting into the grove but after that she took charge very well on the next five. I start to settle down, as one does when they have an estimate on 6 puppies.
Nope, she starts panting and shuffling around and then there it his. More like there he is. Puppy number seven!
A total of seven tiny adorable little nubs of slimly adorable. 
And Audrey and I could not be more proud.  She makes a wonderful mother and has been tending to her new little flock all day.
We are going to pick out some names and go back to bed to try and catch up on some much needed sleep.
Best Wishes

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