Day 6 of Week 1: The Seven Little Dwarves

Day 6  of Week 1

I still can’t believe I have seven little wiggle butts in the next room, wriggling and squeaking away.
After a very long and tiring day Audrey has hopped into the role of mother hood very well, I can’t believe it’s already been almost a week since they were born!
Still getting over the face that we have puppies!
So as you can imagine lots of oohing and awing while essentially living next to the whelping box, with giant eyes. 
And watching.
Im not even sure I did anything else these past five days…Its just a blur of puppy paws, tiny tails and adorable little alien puppy tongues.  Although I have made a very nice schedule for each day that I am quite proud about
Make Audrey’s Breakfast
Make coffee
Bottle feed the puppies that need that little extra milk
Weigh puppies
Cuddle puppies
Play with Audrey because she is so bored by the fact that they cannot run around yet.
Feed Puppies after their lunch time meal/afternoon nap
Make Audrey’s dinner. (Who is probably eating better than I am but whatever i would live of potatoes and mac and cheese if I could)
One last bottle feeding
Watch the little nubs wiggle around like drunk worms until bedtime.
Can you blame me for wanting to be a stay at home puppy mom after this?

Actually I couldn’t do that, I would get cabin fever, like Muppet Treasure Island cabin fever.

One week on Thursday, and then soon their eyes will open and the real fun will start.

I literally cannot handle their adorable.


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