Day 12 of Week 2.

Day 12

It’s almost past the point where if I wake up in the middle of the night and hear squeaking or scratching and rustling and think the cat is trying to rip up the carpet or Audrey is burrowing under the bed and then realize its puppies. Its a nice relaxing, ahhhh the puppies are looking for mama. 
It’s also the biggest reason why I get nothing done around the house between feedings and weigh ins. I just want to sit next to them and watch them wiggle their little butts onto their tiny paws and then fall over as they trip over each other.
I mean I’m sitting on the floor basically in the whelping box as I write this while a tiny shark frenzy circles Audrey for their mid afternoon meal.  
Almost all of the puppies are 1 lb or a little bit more. Two of the pups we have had to add goats milk to their daily life to try and keep them up with the others. I try and get them some special time with Audrey for extra feeding, but she has an awful habit of getting up and running away with them still attached, and I don’t think the cat is ready to handle loose blind mouse shaped babies responsibly yet. 
(Tesla, Aeron, Cecil and Gruffydd)
Audrey is being the best mama that I could have asked for, minus the jumping up and still not really looking before she jumps into the whelping box. She’s been feeding them almost regularly, I’ve had to coax her into the box a little bit when I was home all day and she was returning to her duties has my shadow a little too soon. 
This is probably because she is still being treated like uber royalty with her scrambled eggs breakfast, kibble only lunch and canned and dry food dinner topped with the lamb and chicken tube things. Whenever I talk about them I can never remember what they are actually called besides puppy crack. This girl would do anything for a piece of that tube or meaty goodness. 
(Cuddle times with Boyfriend)
Tesla, Sara/Penny, Madame Marie Cutie
Being so close to the end of week two we are waiting (im)patiently for their eyes to open and their little ears to perk up more. They can now almost stand on their paws, bellies just hovering above the towels before the wiggle off their own feet and roll around the box like weeble wobbles that do fall down.
Madame Marie Cutie has become a pocket puppy
Oh and Grandparents came to visit! Their grandparents as in Isaac’s hooman parents came to take a peek see at the fur babies and get an idea at who will become the addition to their corgi family.
Madame Marie Cutie
Best Wishes

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