Day 27: Like things that can surive in the world.

Day 27

Have you ever been asked a question and you feel like you’ve run out of adjectives to answer with?

Every day I’m asked “How are the puppies?” I could easily answer you with a small scream or parade of photos and videos that I managed to take before becoming too late for work, but I feel like they want words and there is nothing cuter in the world than these little boogers. I think I have over used the words and need some new adjectives. Help?

Besides being to amazing to handle the way to descirbe them in their current stage is “They look like real dogs almost! Instead of just really cute dog influenced rodents” Mama G. She has such a way with words. And super helpful with puppy sitting while I yearn for them at my place of employment. (but really who could say no to spending your day staring at these guys?

Tiny high pitched howls and yelps and purring..I mean growling, have been starting to emerge from their whelping box and play pen as of late. They are a vocal bunch. By they I mean one puppy..Penny (name subject to change) She wakes up and immediately starts yelping, howling and just this morning start mimicking Boyfriend’s alarm clock. Like mother like daughter, we’ll slide past the fact Audrey would mimic truck sirens instead of alarm clocks.

Audrey napping under the table while Isaac looks on at the madness that is their offspring.
Who doesn’t love a visit from Papa Corgi? Besides the one! Who is terrified of their puppies? Isaac. With the much awaited meet and greet of Isaac to his heirs upon us the event occurred with little interest from Audrey, who we figured would watch him like a hawk and maybe even deter him from going near the puppies.
 She sat down and gave him the “Are youseriously  scared of these little poops?” Look while he cried and ran around the living room in hopes to get away from the whole 1 lb 13 oz monster chasing him. 
I mean look at those vessels of pure terror
We’ll see how he warms up to them as they become more and more dog shaped and less terrifying. 
Nice play pen right?
Our large and in charge play pen is in the mail and on the way.  Our current and very handy one was probaly the easiest thing to make. (So I thought)
With those plastic cube shelves you build at Bed Bath and Beyond, I made the fence area itselft and lined in the inside with a shower curtain, then layered towels and newspapers to give them some traction. Add a little yarn zip ties to hold them together and you have a play pen! 
…That can be broken out of when the puppies learned how to work as one and crash into the weak spots. 
They’re like raptors..
Tiny Adorable Raptors.

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