Third Time is a Charm?

Day 29

You know that feeling of relief when you try something new and you get it right the first time?

That’s what I was feeling when Friday the minions had their first solid meal.

By solid I mean kibble crushed to graham cracker crust consistency and goats milk mixed in until it becomes gruel.

Got their meal ready and plopped that bad boy down into the center of the puppy frenzy and after mere miliseconds of hesitation everyeone dove right into their food and gobbled it all up. Beautiful. No one tried to play in it or sleep on it. They knew exactly what to do.

Well sort of… Gruffydd will only eat if he is standing in the bowl of food and they are figuring out that if you eat too much your belly hurts and you cannot get comfy to sleep it off.

Water however…whole other story.  We tried with a shallow baby dish at first. Audrey drank all of bowl #1.

Bowl #2 the little stampeded through the thing and just got wet paws.

Bowl #3 We gave a tupperware dish a chance, alsmot got it…well.. they would bite the edge of the dih and try to use their tongues to lap up the water… They tried withouth biting the edges.

All good and working well, until Penny came charging through, picked up the dish throwing water everywhere and running away with the dish.  Queen B made sure everyone else knew she was in charge.

And what (mildly late but it still counts) Thanksgiving post doesn’t include family visits…
well previous visit from Paper Corgi !
Who is still a little scared of his heirs. 
Watch it Isaac they can smell your fear.
When they’re awake that is. 
Did you know a group of corgis is called a Corgum?
A Corgum of Corgis.
Savor that. 
Best Wishes.


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