The First of Many

I think I almost understand how my
Mother felt trying to get four kids wrangled into one car and drove us anywhere farther than our elementary school. The minions, Audrey and I took a road trip up to my parents house and an hour drive with a laundry basket full of puppies was out of control. 

Mind you Audrey was no help by sitting in the back seat and
Giving me well…you got yourself into this mess eyes.
If they aren’t all crying they were
Trying to escape into my cup holders or the monster filled abyss under my
Passenger seat.

First and last time I play that game. Thanks goodness M’s crate is a travel crate and is letting us use that for transportation. 
Once we arrived at Audrey’s favorite place in the world the brothers took minion sitting very seriously and boy did those puppies sleep that night. 

Even Mana was exhausted.

Or until the drive home…Tesla did not stop screaming and crying until
He found my lap and snuggled up in my
Not driving elbow (the one that I sit on that hand so I don’t mistake my automatic for a manual car and try to put my car in park every time I slow
Down). Cecil tried to pull the same stunt but decided that snuggling on the passenger seat with Madame Marie Cutie was a better idea. And then that it was an awful
Idea and he slept in my coat until we got home.
 I’m giving them great habits I know. 

We had one more big family reunion in hopes to get a good christmas card picture. I say hopes as in praying and maybe a couple sacrifices because it is damn near impossible to make seven puppies sit nicely around each other without someone chewing  on the others ear.

First tactic? Try and tire them out with play. Outcome? Puppies had their first outside play time. 

By playtime I mean poop time. Everywhere.

So we tried inside play as well. 
One peed all over the snow while another tries to sneak under the kitchen cabinets. Finally after about an hour of three of us cooing them to sleep we managed to get the best shot we could have gotten with seven puppies. I’m excited for christmas cards this year.

Yes, those are corgi socks. 

Then the a heart wrenching realization t’s coming to be that time.  Five weeks have passed and homes are being found. 

After doing a personality test for each minion, redoing it for a couple because they weren’t actually being aggressive..they just had to poop, and many questioning and pleading stares between humans Rosalind Franklin became Madame Fig Newton.

She’s all about that action shot.
Best Wishes


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