Two to Go

It’s happening all too quickly!

Yesterday I swear they were little nuggets and today? Today they had their very first vet appointment!

Already!! Ugh I can’t handle this anymore.

Okay, I got that out. That feels much better, where were we? Oh yes Vet.

Six weeks old and we were off to the world, one vet poke at a time!

They all did very well and only over whelmed the vet tech and took over the exam room once! And of course when we needed to collect stool samples they decided that was the only time of the day not to poop. I mean really guys?

Girls only towel shelf club house

But onto better (or sadder? I can’t decide yet) News!

Madame Marie Cutie has found her forever home!

Mama G came down for her weekly puppy sitting and left with a message. Cutie will be going home with them this Christmas.  Which means that I can visit her whenever I need to cover myself in puppies.

Also more great news… May I introduce you to Oliver!

(Previously known as Gruffydd) As of today he has found his forever home! I couldn’t be happier knowing he will be happy completing another family somewhere.

It’s going to be a very bitter sweet next couple of weeks as everyone finds and leaves for their forever homes. But exciting to see them go off and grow up to be the nubs they are meant to be.

Some Mama Daughter cuddle time?
Best Wishes

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