Tesla’s Spark.

Week 7

I joke about how I’m going to keep all the puppies and live in a corgi heaven and start a small farm of them herding each other and maybe miniature animals (HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE)…

The closer their ready to go home day gets the more I want that to be a reality. As of me typing this we have three puppies still looking for homes, one has two people asking but no one has said I do yet. I feel extremely protective over these guys now and keep finding reasons to want to tell them no..is this motherhood? Gross.

Now that I finish this post at a later date (Because I do things on time of course)

As I’m saying how much they need to stay with me forever, I’m also suffering from minor panic that I won’t be able to find them homes and I will have to keep all of them.

Thankfully that worry is slowly sliding out the window (Not flying…sliding) as of today the giant corgi minion we all know and love as Tesla has found his forever home!

I mean come on, how could his adorable little belly and giant face not win the heart of everyone around him?

All things puppy related have been wild and crazy, switching them onto just  plain soaked kibble and off of the goats milk, which resulted in the Poopnado of 2014, and at the same time starting to give them their own indiviual bowls. Which is fine for the first 4 seconds then everyone sort of goes for the bowl next to theirs as better and everyone switches. God they are too cute.

 Trying to teach them their names, as well as Toes are Friends, Not Food.

  Attempting to keep Adurey from stealing all of their chewy bones for teething. I buy them three and two are missing within an hour, I have yet to check under my bed but I have a suspicion I might come across a toy hoard under there.

I have to start going back to work full time now and its killing me on the inside not to just sit on my floor and watch them forever.

Is that a job? How do I apply?

Best Wishes



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