Queen Penny’s Reign

It’s almost unpon us..

Yes Chritmas but lets not talk about that yet I still have all of the shopping to do.

More importantly, the go home dates. Thats right these little nuggets start going home this weeknd…there is no face I can humanly make to show my excitment for them (and my cat) and sadness for myself.

Oliver goes home first on Friday morning.

 It will be a little wierd coming home from work and only having the count for six of them to make sure someone isn’t creating a fort in the bathroom or taking a troll residency under the couch.

In anstipation for his arrival at his new home Oliver’s new puppy mom sent him a little care package to get all the nummy scents of home on them. By far one of the cutest care packages I’ve ever gotten.

 And I’m sure the mailman loved the note on the box to make sure Oliver shares with everyone.

Fig goes to live with her father on Saturday.

 Which won’t be so bad becuase we do see them at least every month for the meet up and now probably more so we can all get our puppy-doses properly.

The exciting news for Sunday?

Penny has found her forever home!!

The little Queen is going to be the new addition to a labrador retriever and Beagle mix up north and I could not be happier for the family who is bringing her into their home. The family used to be Lab breeders so they have the perfect puppy resume and they are letting all their grandchildren pick the name out for her.


She was also about to leave dinner to come pick Penny up when I called her to let her know she won! (Everyone who gets a puppy wins..or has a puppy..Everyone wins!)

So bright and early Sunday morning Penny goes to her forever home. Much to my mothers dismay who wanted Penny to basically live next door so she could watch her grow up. I told her to take two puppies..well I tried.

Madame Marie Cutie will be going to her forever home on Christmas Day.

 What is better than a well planned and preapred family getting a puppy for christmas! (And becuase She is going to live with my parents so I have to go up there anyway so why not puppy delivery then! (I’m all about puppies for christmas gifts, just make sure you are ready for the crazy after the excitment happens, christmas pet need all the love after the holidays end too))

Tesla takes his journey to his new first time corgi parents the Sunday after Christmas. 

The best way to start a new year? A Corgi obviously.  They are super excited to start their corgi family after looking in the summer and deciding they needed to wait for the perfect time, and here it is! He will make a first fur baby, Audrey did and I would not be where I am today with out her.

Aeron is already adjusting to his forever home (mine…i refuse tolet him leave). 

We started house training. So far he is a fantastic follower and will plop him self down at your feet if you stop walking..and thats it. No potty, doesn’t follow Mama Audrey just sticks to your side and gives you giant eyes. Sometimes he brings me a leaf, which I love..but I would rather you poop.

Just stop me if I start bringing in the leaves he brings me and makes some crazy picture out of the, to cherish his puppy years forever.

This leaves Cecil. 

Adorable Cecil is our last puppy to find his forever home. I’m a little surprised because of the amount of interest shown in him  but not commitment. He will find his home soon enough I’m sure.

Probably after I’ve thrown in the towel and set my heart on keeping him too and then someone will swoop in and be the perfect family for him.

I feel as though Audrey is counting down the days till they are gone so she can steal all of their toys, but deep down I know she loves having them all around, and not just because she can herd them into the bathroom and practice jumping over them in the living room.

And with that said, the shots have been administered and the vet as given us the Ok Go on them health-wise. This is it

We’ll see how this weekend pans out and if I can give these babies away without weeping uncontrollably in the process.

Best Wishes


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