The Final Four

(Sneak peak of the artist who is going to be doing the new banner!)

Well that was a whirlwind of a weekend.

Started Friday morning out with seven little bubble butts and now…a crazy three days and holding back all of the tears (And I mean all of them) three have been whisked away to the adventure of their forever homes.

I wish I could make this post longer about how amazing each puppy is doing on their new adventures, but we have cookies to bake and presents to wrap. (GAH Christmas)

(Puppy Proof tree)

but to distract you from my lack of writing this week here are the newly settle minions!

Oliver! looking very stylish in his new collar!

Penny bright and early ready to play!

And Isaac and his new Live in Daughter Fig Newton!

I can’t thank all the new parents enough for sending me pictures, I think my heart might start decaying without seeing all of their faces.
Tesla’s Mama is very excited to get him after christmas.

And Mama G is always excited for anything Audrey related so she cannot wait until Madame Marie Cutie ( or Vladamir Cutetin…or as Mama G says Miss Penny) is there.
Aeron is settling in nicely and almost has the potty training thing down.

I said almost right? 

Cecil is still searching for his forever home. I broke down and bought him a collar today though so he wouldn’t feel left out. My heart strings are attaching too quickly. This could get dangerous.

Happy Holidays! I’ll post more pictures from the holidays I swear!
Best Wishes

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