A Very Belated Puppy Christmas

One could say that the holidays are a crazy time of year.

All the love and joy and presents and driving, oh my goodness the driving. You need to visit everyone’s family because family is what the holidays are about right?

Yes, but have you tried it with four puppies in tow?

Different story in my book.

They were still magical don’t get me wrong.

Christmas bowtie ready to go

I wish I could say that I took all of the pictures of all the joy these puppies saw but I was a busy mama running around trying to keep them from pooping in everyone’s house. (Excuses I know)

Aeron and Audrey loved the stockings filled with little nick knacks and snacks.

Tesla and Cecil each received a nice new puppy toy from Santa.

And Madame Marie Cutie (Now Miss Penny) received her forever home.

Mama G couldn’t have been more excited, she already had all of her toys wrapped under the tree.

Cause you know, puppies unwrap gifts all the time.

Car Perch

The day consisted of the usual family and friends while dancing between all of the families and making sure everyone got some face time. You know the normal christmas.

Audrey’s new napping spot on Gram’s lap

New Years Eve brought a little bit more excitement in the family reunion of Penny ( Now Penny-Audrey because Mama G keeps calling her Audrey) and her brothers!

Audrey, Cecil, Penny and Aeron

A week or so later we had a similar meet up with Fig and Isaac. Also a Sheltie named McGee also a puppy but a larger puppy. I think everyone got along quite nicely.

 Audrey even played with McGee and Audrey actually playing with another dog happens very rarely.

Honorary corgi puppy McGee! 

I wish I could say that super exciting things have been happening between now and the holidays..you know besides the normal holiday magic. But we are in a quiet time of training and getting back into the swing of getting back into the real world but we have some exciting plans.

Seeing as how we are no longer a family of eight corgis and a cat I’m going to be posting every two weeks instead of every week (minus the holiday break). Hopefully if my plans go as they should there will be a good schedule..

I won’t tell you what that is yet because I want to make sure it happens first.

Secondly I am in the process of building a new and improved set up for this blog so keep an eye out! I will provide all of the links if need be.

Best Wishes


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