All the snow

There’s one thing I thought we were going to get lucky on this year.

That was snow. 
How wonderful it will be having to potty train two puppies without the freezing cold, the ice, the constant snow storms.
Wrong…so very wrong. Mind you it’s not as bad as some places (Boston) but it is also not the most pleasant thing.

Aeron loves it, so we have at least one puppy enjoying himself. 
His specialty is plowing his face through the fluffy stuff and then tackling Cecil. 

Who could very happily live without the snow. Once he’s done with potty he wants in and nothing to do with the stuff.

I dont blame him, one good storm is all I need..and then spring immediately after none of this below freezing none sense.

We survived the first snow fall with little to no hinderance.

Then the second came along.

The third wasn’t too bad.

This past one was really just a good excuse to cover the parking lot in all of the puppy prints and perfect our snow mountain climbing technique. Unfortunately we have to photographic evidence of the last one as it was far too cold to take my fingers out of my pockets. But believe me, they loved it.

Two puppies and one eternal puppy have been the biggest bundle of joy one can dream of.

The next best thing is knowing that we get to keep Cecil during his golden puppy years and this May he goes to his forever home!

That’s right, the hardest pup to home even though he has the biggest personality, will be going to live with dear friends of ours when they move into their new(ly bought) house!! All of the exciting news!

Until then we are here, boarded up under our blankets waiting for the spring to come around and melt the mountains of snow and bring some pleasant weather our way.

Best Wishes.


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