Surprise treats?

The other day I was making more juice than one person should be able to handle and I was trying to figure out what to do with all the pulp.

I didn’t want to just throw it away to avoid smelling my kitchen up like a compost pile.

I could’t just throw it outside like I do normally because of our already abundance of animals living around our apartment.

What was next?

 As any other dog owner might have thought…can I just give this to the dogs?

Yes. You are damn right you can.

By damn right I mean check to make sure everything you have used and put into the pulp is puppy healthy. This special pulp of orange mountains is simple Sweet Potato, carrot and apples. All very puppy friendly.

and then?

Whatever you want!!

I mixed some in with Audrey’s dry kibble.

Use a little bit of coconut oil and some pulp mashed together, refrigerate and viola! little pulp biscuits!

I even use the good old chunks (that sounds way grossier than need be) of carrot and apple as little teething treats for Aeron and Cecil, and they loved it. 


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