A Reboot If You Will

Alright Take 485483 right?


Only this time we are taking a different approach. Now that all the puppies are half grown up and off into their new homes there isn’t as many updates on them so we are revamping Once Upon a Corgi into a place to keep puppy updates the progress of some knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, sewing, and general life things?

So let’s do a re-introduction so one doesn’t have to scroll through the whole thing to figure out who I am.

I’m Gabby, a Connecticut Native, floundering about adulthood in southern CT. Photographic darkroom printer by trade and avid crafting enthusiast the rest of the time. My mom taught all of her minions how to do a basic knit and crochet when we were younger and around high school is when it started up again. And then in college knitting some scarves for beer/art supplies money and now only with a vengeance…I mean in full force. Sewing is also a major part of my long list of things, taught at a young age and then adjusted and improved mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t afford the already made outfits at the various Renaissance Faire we attend. Spinning and Dyeing are both very new to me and a huge learning process right now so I’m hoping keeping track of it here will help me see the progress I’m making on them.

I’ve been on a podcasting spree of knitting and crafting video and audio podcasts so I thought it was my turn to jump into the mix. I’m still learning how to actually finish projects not just start them get halfway through and then forget about them forever.

With that disclaimer let’s being!


Disclaimer I have all of the WIPs and very little Finished so don’t judge too hard.

Flying North Socks by Maria

Cast onto my impulse buy ChiaoGoo US 1/ 2.25mms  fixed circular needles on a wool blend, I think, dyed in my Lavender Storm colorway.

I am in love with how potato chippy this pattern is. It’s my first toe up sock and fish lips kiss heel attempt so we will see how that turns out when they are done and blocked.

Plain Vanilla Socks
The reintroduction to socks after my two year break between a pair of socks. Super second sock syndrome.. They are on a slight break though, on Knitter ‘s Pride bamboo 2.25mm DPNs on a wool fingering weight dyed during a natural fiber dyeing class at an event I went to in May. I ran out partway through the second sock. Worry not though I have the dye and yarn ready to go into a bath, I’m just waiting for some more yarn to come in so I can do a bigger batch than one skein of yarn.


Finishes Objects

One Skein lace cowl


I bought this skein of alpaca handspun at the Coventry Farmers market yarn day about a year ago and haven’t been able to figure out what to knit it into. So for a year I would just rub it on my face when I was sad. And then I found this easy little thing. A small lace bottom cuff and simple stockinette stitch to the top. Knit on my US11 knitters pride interchangeables. He still needs blocking, I’m hoping that opens the lace up a bit more.

Swallowtail Shawl
It’s been a fast and furious journey of firsts. This shawl is my first shawl and first lace weight project. If you ignore my first four attempts at starting it it went by very well. The pattern is a little confusing at first but once you understand the set up of it the rest flies by and makes perfect sense.


I’m not sure what kind of fiber this is but it was very rugged and a little itchy. So as I spun it I felt like a lumberjack would consider it Angel soft. It’s only my second fluff ever spun, I won’t put you through the pain of seeing my first spinning attempt but believe me this is a massive improvement. I still a managed to get a massive amount of extra single ply so I’m planning on practicing my chain ply with it.



Almost done with my first quilt, foolish a full size.
Go Big or Go Home right?
All that is left is the binding and the washing. I bought the first fabric for this quilt when I was in high school? Maybe as late as early college, and every year i would take out the bag and go this is the year I will make my quilt. Until this year..when I did my usual game of getting so fed up with not getting any project done up spent a whole weekend blowing a pay check on fabric, batting and trying to cut and sew everything at once. As one can imagine it took longer than that weekend and has been through a litter of seven puppies and building a desk just to finish it, so when this quilt gets finally finished its going to be one for the history books.

Smaller projects in seeing have been mainly learning/improving project bags! Here is my latest one


I’ve got a couple more that plan to be gifts so I don’t want to spoil the surprise.


First Acid dye test batch done.


Experimented slightly with colors adding to the end of the baths and trying to get some ombre effects in the skeins. I hear there is a class at a yarn shop in the state so I may come to my senses and try and attend. We will see. I’m pretty happy with some of these. Especially  the pink sparkle one.


Some Natural dyeing with Logwood and Elderberries and just logwood. I’m excited to try and get some new plant life and dye up some more.



When we last checked in we were waiting for Cecil, the last puppy left, to go to his forever home. Sadly and happily for him he is officially living in his new home with his new very happy parents.

Leaving our God of Slaughter and Miss New Booty the guardians of the house (with Jax of course)

It’s been quite the park adventure, we go almost every day for at least 20 minutes to get Aeron socialized, he still barks his face off if a dog comes to him but if he approaches he will sniff and say a very tentative hello and then run away. Audrey as always is off derping in the background or rolling into something dead.

They do get almost weekly trips up to see Penny, who cannot contain her tiny meatloaf excitement when they are here, and burn all of the leftover energy off in a bout 30 seconds. And of course check on how all of the vegetable gardens are doing, you can’t just leaves those to go unchecked by dogs that would be silly.


Last is

Things I bought but Probably shouldn’t have! 

This will include things besides yarns and fibers, just stuffs in general I am super excited about.

This week was mainly yarn I’m excited and disappointed mainly because I have an alarm every 4 hours go off reading “DO NOT BUY ANYMORE YARN”

So far no good.


So these guys aren’t too bad only because I have the project ready to go and have been dieing to cast it on.  I will link to the pattern when I cast them on..so you know that I actually started the project. These are Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed,in their Wine color way (super fitting for me) . It’s a 65% Wool 25%Alpaca 7% Acrylic and 3% Viscose. I tried so hard to pick something that was more on sale at the yarn shop down the street for their Sidewalk Sale, but after basically rubbing a skein on my face while looking for different yarn I broke down and bought two. Funny Story though..I read the wrong pattern when doing the yardage math and I now have to go back and buy one more skein. oooohhh noooooo


Then in their tiny 50% even more off bin I found some Gauge sock yarn. 65% super wash Merino 30% silk and 5% nylon. They are even softer and I can’t wait for them to be around my toes…or face..I don’t know what my plan is for them yet but I have so many socks plans that i must have a pattern for them stashed away somewhere.

Last but not least some not yarn but some needed things. Some wool wash lavender scented and they had piles of patterns for $ .25 each so I grabbed four. My friend asked if I would make her some long fingerless gloves to cover her arms while she goes through her super skin detox, so I grabbed some of those, a plain sock pattern and an adorable blob fish…it may become a dog pillow or maybe some friend’s child will get one for christmas. They were just too cute to say no.


And with that we come to the end of our new-first post! Huzzah we did it!

You can find me on all social media sites as Gabigails





Best Wishes



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