Too Hot to Hand Knit?

Another week! Hello returning readers and new readers. Super hello to previous Once Upon a corgi readers who haven’t been in a while. Don’t panic if you are looking for piles of puppy pictures, it’s the same place just a different direction.
This Past week has been mildly productive but also swamp like conditions outside. Saturday and Sunday flirted with high 90s F and might have almost hit 100 with humidity but who really wants to admit it if it does, even I have some limits when it comes to the heat and I thrive on it. It’s been slowing but not stopping all production on knits, only keeping them to air conditioned spaces, and giving way to more sewing, needle work and puppy swimming. When I say swimming I mean stomping in puddles and digging in all of the mud.

But let’s be real for a minute, I doubt much of anything will keep me from knitting any time soon.

Some of these in the upcoming weeks will truly be new WIPs, because I have so many from many moons ago as I work on them I will introduce them here, and then hopefully they will also make an appearance in the Finished Objects section…One day.

Man socks


Man socks! I’ve only ever finished two pairs of socks, so since I’ve on a finishing projects spree why not start man socks! Also one might say dating for two years and not knitting your other a pair of socks by now is a little crazy. I’ve just cast on and maybe gotten just to the end of the first cuff since I took this. They are on Size 1 DPNs from a sock blank I dyed up on my first acid dye attempt!

When showing off my beautiful tye die creations I was asked what the blank would become and I simply answered “Socks” Wrong answer, Jake wanted socks, so they became planned for him. Earlier this week I asked him what color heels and toes he wants for his socks,I doubt the blank will have enough yarn for his size Giant feet, answer? “Those aren’t Iron Man colors…” Can you kill someone with yarn? No? It hasn’t come to that yet, but Iron Man socks have been added to the project list, if I can finish his now test socks.

Camp side shawl

Pattern by: Alicia Palmer

Words cannot express how excited I am to have started this shawl.I heard about it in passing when I started watching Dani on Little Bobbins Knits, it sparked my interest and that was all until I saw the finished poduct on A Homespun House. I found love in a shawl. I want a giant part shawl, part blanket piece that I can acceptably wear in public, and from what I have seen this is it. It’s knitting up just as I imagined it would. The yarn I’m using is the perfect amount of warm soft and a little bit squishy, I’m using the recommended needles Size US7 with a Queensland Tweed worsted weight yarn in their Wine colorway. It’s knitting up so easily and fast, a little too fast for my liking. I have a mild fear it won’t be as big as my heart wants it to be but I’m only on Charts 4 and 5 out of a lot.

Cozy memories blanket

Pattern: Georgie Hallam


As my list of knitting and crafting podcasts grew I decided I top need to make one of these sock scrap blankets. Brilliant right? One problem. I had no sock yarn scrap so..I only had one pair of socks ever made and some leftovers from a small heart I know for an upcoming project. Luckily I stalk Etsy like a serial killer and my brother over at the Freakishlemon podcast had some mini skein repeats he gave to me and I bought four from his shop and viola! The tiny start to my tiny square blanket!

Proud dyer moment, the Magenta and white swirl is a Test Dye of mine! I call it raspberry swirl.

Finished objects 

Flying north socks

by Maria Montzka

DONE. I am so in love with these bad boys. I’m not crazy about the toe shape but they have only been worn once so maybe once they are worn a couple times they will form to my toes a little more, but other than that I am so happy with how these came out, I’m super pleased with how the colors laid out and how the pattern plays into it.


Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenrider 

I’ve been listening to Tsh’s Podcast for the past year or so and every so often reading The Art of Simple website, she’s a writer, blogger, traveller and all about simple living. It’s been super interesting listening to her and so I picked up one of her books about how her and her family were learning to live simply after moving from Turkey to Bend, OR. it’s been a good light read touching on all the subjects I’ve been trying to work on. Eating seasonally, time management with family/work a little bit. She has three kids so some things may apply to some but not to us child-less but it’s still a great little thing to keep with you for those short moments you can steal away to read.

I hate to admit that our lack of play time was my desire not to spent the afternoon of hot blacktop, but it was for the pups best interest. So instead of burning paws or melting at the park they got a full night and day of Penny time! Which now occurs almost every weekend but who is keeping track really. (Penny, Penny is keeping track). Even though it was a billion degrees and humid being up in the hills was much cooler than home, allowing for some much needed Narnia time.  This also allowed for Aeron to copy his sister Fig and dig a hole and proceed to cover himself and eat a little bit of dirt.

Penny only got to chase him about 1/3 as much because of the heat. But she got a couple good rounds in and then buried herself in the sand by the basement where the sun never reaches.

I also use this puppy time as the perfect moment to weep about whatever thing I messed up on a project or bring a pile of yarn or fabric and ask for help from Freakish Lemon, and catch up on all the laundry. Yay Parents house!

I put links to everyone and every pattern I mentioned in each section so you can find everything.

Feel free to find me on everything!




Best Wishes



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