Birds of Prey?

Do you ever feel like you’ve been super busy and can’t stop moving but then look back and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything? It’s been one of those weeks. I’m not sure where it went but I can’t find it anywhere, nor have anything to show for it. I didn’t want to bore you with a post of filler and nothingness, and in a promise to myself to get more done each week I think I might have gone a little small project crazy? No not crazy, just a little motivated. That’s what we’ll call it.


Bluebird of Happiness?(prey)

Just to prove my increase of tiny projects to feel like I’ve finished something of late. I’d been meaning to make a billion of these but couldn’t find the pattern at first because I kept searching bluebirds  of prey instead of bluebirds of happiness.


On size US 7 needles with Freakish Lemon’s hand spun yarn in the Delirium color, a BFL merino blend and stuffed with lavender

Mug Rugs


More tiny projects and quilt training. Probably what I should have done before I made an almost queen size quilt but go big or go home right? There’s definitely room for improvement in my binding skills but the quilting part came together quite nicely.



Can you tell I’ve been on a sewing kick lately yet? Only a little bit, which means bags! I’ve made a couple little sock bags before and love the quick outcome so I started working on some zipper and draw string bags. I’m hoping to have a good chunk of really nice ones together soon and put them up in a shop on Etsy. So keep an eye and ear out for Corgi bags!



Campside Shawl

I’m so excited for this shawl to be done I’m almost mad at how long the rows are at the moment, but it’s so warm and mushy that I keep power housing through it all in hopes that I’ll be on the last chart soon. And now I am! Since this image I’ve started the last pattern repeat before the border and I can taste the end. What can’t taste the end is the yarn. I bought two skeins of the Queen’s Land yarn totally a little over 600 yards and then reread the pattern, learned it calls for 712 yds, promptly bought another skein and now I fear that I will not even touch the third skein. We will see. I will keep you posted.


Man Socks


Man socks take For Ever. What doesn’t help? Trying to take apart a double sock blank with only one sad ball winder and then trying to knit them one at a time. Not recommended. So we detangled our mess and started to learn how to knit socks two at a time! It’s been a slow slow. I haven’t really sat down and spent more than 10-15 minutes knitting on them yet so hopefully once I make myself really work on them they will go by faster.

I told myself I can only have one pair of socks on the needles at once unless it’s presents and so far I have two pairs and the other pair needs me to dye more yarn for it so we will see who gets done first.

Luckily I was at my parents this weekend to borrow some longer circular needles from my brother to help with this problem. As I was packing up all the laundry and projects to keep me busy during said laundry I got a message from my dad. “Everyone is gone and Mom is at work. Can you bring a puppy for Penny to play with”

We have been summoned pups.The afternoon was spent with Penny chasing Aeron until they both almost fell asleep outside. I ran off and had dinner with a friend, towing pups along. My friend has two Boston Terriers who can super excited easily which made Aeron a little nervous at first, well for about an hour until we all went outside to eat. The three of them started running out their zooms while Audrey poked around the herb garden and after that Aeron was way more comfortable inside with them. Audrey has known Roxie, the older one, since she was a pup so she was used to everything. We went back to the house and to Penny’s delight stayed the night which meant she had Aeron trapped in a playpen with her for the whole night and the goo part of the morning while I gathered up almost all of my stuff.

I’ve never seen a happier pup.

And with that we have made it through another week(s). I have some finishing goals and some fun things hopefully to share after I have a nice week off of Adult job but I don’t want to tell you too much to soon.

Hint Hint: 

You can find links to the patterns and people I mentioned on their names and you can find me every where (Instagram, revelry, twitter etc. ) on everything as Gabigails.

Best Wishes


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