Hulk Fluff

Welcome back new and returning readers! It’s been a super productive couple of weeks and I cannot wait to throw everything I have done at you. Literally, it’s all so soft and I want everyone to be able to rub most of this stuff on your face. I’ve been on vacation from my Big Girl Job for the week which gave me a tiny glimpse of working from home life, I’m not that mad, and a little bit of actual vacation time.

I hit up the beach with my parents before they went off on their first ever vacation without a gaggle of children since the start of the children. Ransacked the farmers markets for all the tasty things like pickles and rainbow tomatoes. Bought my body weight in fabric, added too many things to my Etsy cart and wishlists. Spent my mornings with my coffee at the dog park while explaining to people what I was knitting and evenings binge watching Bones while pretending to clean and apartment shop. Here’s to crossing my fingers for maybe going away next time I have mandatory time off. And with that here are all the soft things!


Camp side shawl


I didn’t know what it was like to want to weep while knitting until the last bit of edging on this bad boy. I’m going to ignore the actual number of stitches on each row but I know it was the most I have ever knit (on purpose) on one item. BUT SO WORTH IT. I am all about the summer, do not let me fool you here, I cannot wait for fall so I can never take this off. I almost want to start another one, or cast on the Campsite cardigan Alicia just released. I want so many of them I can make a ten of smushy yarn and never leave it. Problem? No not yet.



Man socks


I may have said that the shawl takes forever but o do man socks. Note to self: use larger needles and maybe not so dainty yarn for the next pair. I already have yarn in mind and oh Zeus help me I might try and finish another pair before Christmas. I’ve been so good about doing quick little projects I forgot what it was like to work on something for longer than a week. Since Sunday (when I took the picture) I had a nice 30 minute delay on the train ride home (Usually about 1-1.5 hours on the way home) which brought me to the end of the leg of the sock and I can start the heel flap as soon as I get back on the train! (Huzzah sometimes for commuting into the city from the not city! )

Dr who blanket

This yarn…This…giant yarn..thing.

Once upon a time in the wee lands of my high school, just after the resurrection of my desire to knit for the first time since learning, a fellow studet said “Hey can you knit me a Dr Who scarf?” Silly me said “Sure how hard can it be” SO. HARD. Yarn acquired and pattern printed I started..and knit…and knit…and knit..

Fast forward four years. I have already restarted this scarf at least twice because i managed to go to 60ish stitches to 200 in a matter of one color repeat, magic I know, but this year something which I don’t remember happened and I said I will start over and do this all again and I will finally finish it. My brother had already knit multiples and my mother had already knit one or was time.

Present Day.


Never made it past the first column on the pattern. I called it. I couldn’t let it linger in pain and suffering any longer, staring at me from its cupcake bag begging for just one more color repeat it’s only 54 rows. I wound up all the colors and  made the choice, if it wouldnt be a scarf it would be a blanket. Crochet is fast and mindless I can easily just use the same color order and make it into something just as great. God knows how much yarn I have for the thing so here’s to hoping it creates a decent sized blanket.

Help me.


I’ve been watching all these podcasts, keeping my eye on Etsy and stalking instagram, and I could not have been more inspired to give this yarn and fiber dyeing a go. It was amazing.  Freakish Lemon came down ( with Penny the Destroyer of course) and we had a giant 8+ hour dyeing party, and then the next day had a soaking and drying party, we’ve been party animals. I already have some color ways forming, plans made for more colors and patterns being assigned to the ones I’ve done. I’ve unleashed a monster I don’t want to stop.



Yes an Outlander yarn. Be not surprised I got the first two books for christmas and finished the whole series about two weeks ago (and not so patiently waiting for the next book). I am in Love. LOVE. I can’t get over how addicting and good these books are. Plus the TV show (Super not safe for childrens) don’t even get me started on how much I love it and how I love that the director explains himself for straying from the books. I can’t get over it. Ever I love all of it. And I just love the colors of the land so I tried to smash Lollybroch, Jamie’s home, into a yarn. I’ve got some changes I want to make to make the greens richer and to make the little pops of yellow, representing Ellen’s roses, pop out more. There’s a shawl pattern I have in mind for the next round of this colorway that I may wait to cast on when the next season comes out but I probably wont wait because Droughtlander is a real problem. I re-watched the first season while editing the photos.

Bloody pumpkin

I’ve been watching the Herbstblatt Regina podcast, she is an adorable woman who I want to keep in my pocket. I love watching her videos, she gets to excited about her projects and its too cute to handle. Regina mentioned starting a Fall KAL called #Fallinlove I think and it has been a super inspiration on some of these yarns. I wanted to dye up my own stuff for it and I think I have succeeded a couple times over.


Also I love that fact that one of the reds just looks like blood when you put it on anything.


I have no great back story here just the happiest accident. I think this color is a keeper.


Goodnight moon


Also another planned colorway I will go back and tweak to get the colors a little bit richer. Inspired by the children’s book Goodnight Moon. We were all read it as wee babies and all of our friends who have tiny humans got a copy. I pictured these being great sock or maybe mittens with the dark blues and then pops of reds, greens, and yellows.


We hopped on the bandwagon and we are NOT mad.



Nothing anywhere mentions how much dye you need to dye fiber when you hand paint it. SO MUCH DYE. But we figured it out and I am so not mad. Now that is, the whole process of these was sort of a I’m never dyeing fiber again, nope never again this is awful why did no one warn me about this to I need a lobster pot so I can dye all of the Falkland fluff forever. Every day I want this being made. We’ll see what happens on the next round.

Falkland Aka Hulk


The glasses are for scale on how fluffy this stuff dried.



The base of this was a beautiful grey and I am in love with the muted colors that it created.

Superwash Merino


This was our first attempt but its dried into a nice speckled. I think I shall spin this one first. I want to save some of them for when I learn how to spin on a wheel.

Merino SW Merino Silk Blend



All the Bags


I have project bags! I made a couple just to play with since I only had one project bag I got for my birthday from Freakish Lemon so I started making my own then got a little addicted to the potato chippy ness of it and the accomplishment of finishing a sewing project while my petticoat, Tudor gown and corset glare at my from my fabric bin. By the time this posts they will be all up on my Etsy shop and ready for new homes!

Fabric problem

And there will be more bags to come because when you are on a budget why not spend all your play money on fabric and zippers. AM I RIGHT OR WHAT

And with that we have survived another week! Ideas and plannings are happening. iI can’t wait to see where this dyeing thing takes me, Audrey hopes it means we go up to my parents more so we will see what happens.

You can find me every where has Gabigails




You name it.

Best Wishes



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