Socks Shawls and Surprise!

These past couple of weeks have been swirling by in a tornado of cardboard, tape, trains and puppy butts. It feels like these past couple of weeks have been a dream walk of bad coffee and not sleeping. Sounds great I know. Enough of sob stories, Welcome new and returning readers! Work has been super crazy long with two different major projects trying to get out to framers and galleries all within two days of each other. What this means? All the train time for knitting, and project planning. Also as well deserved day at the Renaissance faire! We have been going as a family to the New York Renn Faire since 2001 and its the start of the fall, fair craft season in my heart. We went for a day and it was absolutely amazing, not too hot, or raining. We saw some good puppet shows and musical acts, and this year instead of straight up just faire like for kids entertainment they had three or four camps set up with more historical backing with story telling, craft work and general life in their era. They had a viking encampment last year and this year they expanded to a Saxon camp, English mercenary military camp and word on the street was a Scott camp but I didn’t see it. I will also applaud the actors this year started interacting with the faire goers more than the usual hello. We helped a Duke write a love letter to the Queen and characters sent kids and others on little quests.  Well done Renn Faire well done.

Now that the exciting news is out on to the knitting!


I have one finished object this week. I didn’t at first but then I kept pushing this update back so. Now I do!

Dusk till dawn shawl

Done!  I know not in the image but i finished it the day after I took the picture.

I just say this was a super easy but fun know it, nothing too crazy so I can not pay attention the whole time but the lace bit brings you back in.
It’s in my bloody pumpkin motorway on size SOMETHING needles. And this was started for Regina Herbstblatt #FallinkoveKal and for Mina from the knitting expat’s #skeptical ! Huzzah for joining all of the KALs at oncethe.


Man socks are still going. Forever, man socks take forever. I am a couple inches past the heel turn so here’s to hoping the foot goes by quickly and I won’t have to play yarn chicken.

Onion socks!


Also known as dog park socks, because they are one at a time and a mindless enough I can knit them while hiking around the dog park with Audrey and Aeron. And yes I do know that these are two different yarns. I wasn’t sure what the original yarn was so I figure go with the flow and have different feet on this pair, no one will see them on my feet anyway.

Oak arm warmers

I went through my “stash” recently in my journey to try and stop being so Damon pack rat and packed up all my acrylic yarn for donating/ finding a new home. At the same time a friend asked if I could make her something soft to cover up her arms for the cool err weather so I figured with her having a three year old this green was the perfect throw in the wash but still super soft yarn. I’ve never used a cable needle before so this was a fun little exercise to practice cables on before doing something crazily a sweater.

Super telling right? I can’t tell you what it is just in case the person who is getting this checks here! But it’s being knit on Brooklyn tweed’s shelter yarn on their Wool Socks colorway.


That’s all I can tell you for now but you will see soon enough!

Spinning News!

I broke into one of the braids from the dye party and I am in love with how its turning out. The colors have lasted beautifully while spinning and I am excited for them to be played up. The plan is a two ply and I am taking a whack at fractal spinning. We will see how well this goes.

Other than all of that, basically nothing right? is Sewing.

I have no photos of the sewing because it has taken over my entire apartment. Literally..A dress on my desk chair, another dress on the bed/trunk. Corset pieces on the coffee table, partlets and aprons all over the place. Dear lord save me and my wallet.

I hope to get a small portfolio of everything has I finish them because there is some big and good planning going on with it.


Puppy wise, we have been enjoying the slowly fleeting sunlight while we can before it gets too cold and dark out. Also mentally preparing for our week with Cecil! Aeron is over the moon with excitement after his one night sleepover with him and then we tell him we get Cecil for a week, he might explode with excitement.



All Bones all the time. I think I went through 9 seasons in maybe two weeks. Its been wonderful and fantastic and I love that show so much.

And that wraps up another Corgi adventure!

You can find me everywhere as Gabigails




You name it.

Until Next time!

Best Wishes



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