Fiber Friends and Fun Yarn Crawl 2015

That’s right, one of the most wonderful times of year. Yarn Crawling time. Fall usually means time for county fairs, pumpkin spice everything and all sorts of fiber festivals and I love it. Fall as you must hear a lot is a great time of year, New England’s prime time.

So here is a not so little mini update on just the yarn crawl and all the goodies acquired on it. I am doing this fully for the first time with Freakish Lemon and Mama Gergs splitting up our travels over three days. Four Stores Day One, Three Stores Day two and the final day will be for the final Festival.

Day One

New England Yarn and Spindle: Bristol, CT

The first stop is always the hardest because you are so excited for the whole journey you have to stop and remind yourself that you can’t buy everything on your list there you still have three more places just for the day to do. The store was a little thing stocked floor to ceiling,as most yarn shops, but had a decent variety of yarn contents. A little bit pricey but I managed to find a great deal on some sock yarn! You can never go wrong with sock yarn.

 Knit and Pearls: Avon, CT

This store has maybe taken my spot as the number one store of the day. The women working were just so delighted to have us there during the crawl, the variety was in plenty, prices were not too bad, still on the higher end side but definitely do able for the quality of yarn. My biggest heart break was a huge skein of a single ply yarn, i can’t remember the name of it but it was heavenly soft and almost $50 a skein. But I pushed through the tears and found two delicious  skeins of sock yarn for Hulk Man socks.


In Sheep’s Clothing: Torrington, CT

This little gem is just sitting in the  middle of a downtown I constantly overlook. But no more! I plan on returning to this cozy hole in a wall so some good staples and maybe some soft treats. It was the only store I didn’t buy anything in today but I do plan to return to very soon. The woman at the door was absolutely delightful and their raffle has a great couple of prizes my fingers are crossed for so hopefully they will turning my favor.

Black Sheep Yarn: Kent, CT

A.) This is literally one of the cutest towns I have ever seen.Ever.

B.) This shop equally adorable. The two women that were running the shop were like rays of sunshine with the most adorable husband that brought puppies to visit them. The store itself was set up fantastic with a small maze of yarn cubes on one half of the store and a large dining room table with a good amount of chairs on the other, the perfect place for a knit night I say. They yarn was oh so soft and oh soft a little expensive but it was a lot of alpaca and locally dyed so I can understand that. The best part of this store was towards the end of our trip a group of maybe 10 older teenage boys, they looked like a sports team or Boys club kind of thing ( all a little bro-y and not ones that one would think to want to learn to knit normally but were given the option and decided it was worth it) walked in with the wired string back packs and they all take out these knitting projects. It was great to see a group of unsuspecting knitters gladly sit down in a yarn store and use their weird little butcher chant to remember the knit stitch and make their mom’s and sisters scarves and being excited to do it. It gives me hope for the next wave of knitters.

We rounded up the end of Day One with a nice lunch spot to return to let the puppies to sniff our spoils. Penny is particular about making sure she checks out all the yarn and fiber that comes into the house. Aaron not so much he kept trying to politely take each skein and look quite hurt when he is told no.

Day Two

We started with an early day and expected long journeys. We only went to three stores this day because they were so far from my parent’s home base and they were a bit of a distance from each other.

 A Stitch in Time: Bethel, CT

I thought Avon and Kent were cute. This store is just as cute. Also probably my favorite store that I will return to more than once. It was hidden in a little plaza behind a gas station but it had the best selection of yarn and a whole half of a store dedicated to embroidery and thread work. So yes a come back. We spent the most time in this store for the day and all three of us I think bought something there, the prices were really good for the quality and amount of yarn you get in each skein.

 Even between going to the store and writing this down I have already returned and picked up a couple goodies when I returned to pick up the raffle prize I won!

First the Prize

Then I snagged after and forgot to use my coupon for..  

Nancy O: Ridgefield, CT

Store 2/3 of the day. I wish I had more to say about this store, it was in a very cute Connecticut town in an historical house so that was awesome. The women working there were an absolute delight and very helpful but not overbearing. Alas the prices were just a hair too much for our pockets but on a good note they had a very good variety of wool washes and other notion and washing supplies. I picked up some scented wool wash from there, seeing as my knit good collection is growing I figured they should smell good.

Westport Yarns: Westport CT

Last stop of the daaaaaayyyyy. One of the smallest stores of the trip and my local yarn store! I did not buy anything here, mostly because I live down the street from it, but I was excited for my Mom and FreakishLemon to come back because last year when we all walked in there it felt like we were judged and looked down upon. It was awful. But I went back a couple months ago to get some yarn for my campside shawl and the air felt a little bit better. I then returned to get an extra skein and have one caked up, I was warmly greeted and helped without any sort of judging or nose sticking upping and it was wonderful. When we arrived for the yarn crawl we were met with the same warm greeting and kind smiles which was absolutely amazing. I do plan on returning there, they have some good prices for things but I had not idea what I would do with that yarn so I decided to wait. My rule was to stick to my list and I think I did pretty well.

We had a quick lunch at Freshii, a super noms and also healthy salad burrito smoothie place. Picked up some stuff from my apartment and headed back home to get ready for the last day.

Day Three

The Big Day. Today was the day, the perhaps last time we will be able to go to the Coventry Farmers Market. We found out maybe they will be able to keep it going but who knows. We left the house at super early morning time, packed up our yarn bags all the monies and the puppies, because they are super dog friendly at this market. We hit up the Fiber Field first and whatever rules I had were gone. I ransacked two or three stalls for some great alpaca things in fear that we wouldn’t be able to get them again, and pet so many cashmere and mohair things. I’m a little sad I never went back for the pie plate of cashmere but maybe I can find them again someday. We then hit up the farmers market portion, which includes my hot sauce dealer and cheese dealer. Mainly hot sauce, this guy as a new variety every year and has such a variety of sauces for the people who want to cry while they eat to smile and mild taco and enchilada sauce. This year I walked out with a Bacon Garlic Maple sauce and a Rosy Red Apple hot sauce. I hope they last me longer than a week.
I apologize for the glare on the last bit. Had kept trying to chew on the fiber while I took the picture. Apparently cats love alpaca.

And that was the Yarn Crawl of 2015. I loved it and cannot wait for next year. I will try to get an actual post up this week after I go through and organize everything from the weekend.

You can find me everywhere as Gabigails




Best Wishes



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