Planning all the Things. 

Call it inspiration or the dreaded and exciting pre holiday season scramble, call it whatever you like or don’t call it anything but I need to cast on and start all of the projects. I’m going to start blaming this on the massively packed schedule I have coming up and the newly stuffed yarn stash box I have acquired from recent fiber fun trips.

Blueberry socks


The minute I started getting into knitting podcasts and really began following knitters on Instagram I saw this sock pattern and needed to have a pair  Soon I will. The pattern is super easy but still interesting as a break from plain vanilla socks. 

These are on Lamb’s pride 100% wool in the Oyster Shell color way on size US 1 needles.

I’ve got one sock done and going to immediately start number two so I don’t get second sock syndrome.

Hulk socks

Or take two of man socks since the last pair couldn’t fit over his heel. Only this time we have learned from our mistakes. 

We did a Turkish cast on and increased until the sock would fit around the boy’s toes and started to foot from there. This will be a slow knit some then try them on socks, but I would rather do this once and document it rather than knitting socks too small for him and too big for me more than once. 

Malabrigo yarn on US1 chaio goo needles.

Surprise knitting

Is surprisingly going well. Only four skeins left of the yarn and it’s a straight shot from here. That’s all I can say, I hope. 

Over the sea to Skye shawl

There’s two things on my long list of stuff I’m a little obsessed with, Outlander and shawls or just themed shawls are it. 

Bad part, in my excitement of mushing Wonderland Yarns on my face and dreaming of this shawl in the grey color in my hand I ignored all directions, bought the wrong weight yarn, made up my needle size and finished four sections before looking back and realizing what happened. Although my gauge stitch wise is only off by half a stitch I fear my row gauge may be terribly off. So I might rip it out and just hold the yarn double or maybe repeat the pattern repeats sections until I get to desired length. I’m not mad with how it looks now, but I love the length of what the designer has so I’ll just panic till I get there I think.

Wonderland Yarns in the Too Much Pepper color way 

Fiber club

So I know the only fiber stuff I’ve revealed is my tiny bit of drop spindle work. Because that’s all I I joined a fiber club after watching a Fluffy Fibers video because why not right? It’s a three month club through Sarah’s textured Fibers and the theme is French Inpressionism. I’m in love. The first month was inspired by Monet’s Waterlilly painting and it was just a gorgeous BFL braise of the blues, greens, purples and bits of creams.

The October month came in this week but I won’t reveal it in case someone is still waiting for theirs.

I do have some to be scheduled practice time on my brother’s wheel and my Christmas list is basically just a spinning wheel so I am hoping to be able to use these once I have a handle on wheel spinning. 


RHINEBEEEECCCCKKKKKKKK we weren’t sure if we were going to go..and we didn’t talk about it until the Tuesday before but Freakish Lemon and I made it. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I want to live there. We made it just in time for the podcast we Ravelry meet up and promptly nervously stood on the edge and internally wept until Kristen from Yarngasm Podcast recognized Adrian.  Thank goodness because we were prepared to panic and stand still all day. I did make a couple project bags with mini skeins for inspirations in the knitty world and gladly got to give those to everyone I planned on without crying or passing out so that was fantastic. Although I think I fell into my usual panic of speaking to people by yelling slightly in a very high pitched voice. Everyone in the large group was super nice and I can’t wait to be prepared mentally for it next year. With a Rhinebeck sweater of course, and hopefully enough courage to actually talk to people instead of throwing yarn at them and weeping internally.

We walked around the vendors in a daze of prepared elbows readyto dive into a couple booths during the breaks of massive crowd waves. Even managed to sneak into a spinning wheel booth and get a little mini lesson, I wanted to test their tiny travel wheel but quickly learned it is so hard to test a wheel when you have only pretended to spin on one while your brother winds yarn. So woman there gave me a quick lesson and that basically got me to add the Ashford Kiwi traveling wheel onto my Christmas list. 
We plan to return next year and I hope to be able to plan enough to maybe take some classes and see some of the sheering and sheep dog demonstrations. Also get a Ravelry button. Everyone at the meet up had one but us basically and they were genius! 

The best part was I stayed under budget and didn’t come home with a massive pile of stuff. Good job Me. 

Tudor dress


Pardon my messy writing desk.

There has been so much sewing in the past month as well. When did I have time? Who knows..Being so into this SCA events lately and having a few fancy occasions coming up my crazy goal was to make Hogwarts Houses inspired period gowns, because who needs sleep right? So the first dress done is my Gryffindor Tudor dress. I can’t wait to wear it. She@: got a red linen for the bodice, sleeves and over skirt with the detail panels in a gold stripped silk. It’s wonderful if I do say so for my first Tudor fancy gown. 

Green hand sewn dress

When I said that I might have gone crafting crazy ever this is proof. I found a painting in the New York Times I decided lets remake this historically accurate for this crazy arts and sciences competition on November 14. So that for real is not happening but the dress will get done! By hand..all of it.. I have just the bodice cut out and am seeing the hems and trying to find the best technique for attaching them together that won’t split when pulled tightly shut. I’m not worried about the seams in the skirt, just dreading the long deams. I hope I can reveal more if it sooner rather than later.

Shop update 

I had a shop update! With new bags, both small sock size and medium for smaller garments size. And yarn! Some actual yarn! They are up as dyed per order, just as a space thing for now. 

I’m planning on doing some Holiday Colors soon so keep an eye out for those! 

Puppy meet up

We had our October meet up! The weather was great, so many people turned up and it was beautiful! The puppies had so much fun. Audrey found a great spot on a woman’s lap for most of the afternoon. Aeron and Cecil had a blast being attacked by Penny and Fig. There was a couple not corgi puppies there which McGee, our sheltie friend who joined us for the afternoon, loved because there were some dogs that had his length legs. 
This upcoming weekend we are planning a puppy party! Our little poops are turning One on October 23! Stop I don’t want to talk about it. It’s too soon. So we are hosting a birthday party and all the local puppies are coming back and it’s going to be the most wonderful thing ever.  Mama Gergs is making the dogs a banana cake, this is going to be a good party.
And we have made it through another post! I’ll come up with a better ending one day I swear.

You can find me and follow me on everything has Gabigails 



Best Wishes



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