O- Dear

Welcome back to another episode! Thank you for watching and checking us out!
Some show motes as promised and some extra bits thrown in there that I forgot to mention in the video, mostly KALs..
I hope you enjoy the new, and test run, of the intro!
Here’s the question I couldn’t remember
What do you do to keep yourself on track with holiday knitting? I made a schedule for the commute each week, giving myself a couple free days to work on whatever I feel like it, whether it be for me or for gifts.
Mentioned Peoples
Buffalo Wool Co.
Jennie Tiny Paper Foxes Podcast
Kristin Yarngasm Podcast and Voolenvine Yarns
Brittany Sip N Stitch
Melissa Spicy Home Maker
Karen Elizabeth The Home Corner
Isabelle Fluffy Fibers Podcast
Top Down Ribbed Hats
Bartender Socks
Verdure Shawl
Blueberry Waffle Socks
1540’s Tudor Dress
Tudor Gown
Verdure KAL
Sparkle KAL
Super Girl



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