Episode 4: Bees and Trees

Welcome back to another episode! Our last of 2015! One day I will get the intro down I swear, but until then thank you for watching, and reading and everything else you do and enjoy here! I look forward to doing more knit and podcast wise in the new year!


Best Wishes

Ravelry Group

People Mentioned:

Jennie Tiny Paper Foxes Podcast

Adrian Freakish Lemon Podcast

Jeanette Bookish Stitcher Podcast

Mina Knitting Expat

CC and Damaris Geeky Knit Girls

Isabelle Fluffy Fibers Podcast

Melissa Spicy Home Maker

Eric Sticks+Twine

Spin the Bin


Verdure Shawl by Isabelle

Mini Sweaters

GoatHerder Sweater by Ann Budd

Blueberry Waffle Socks


CVM/ Romeldale Socks

Cozy Memories Blanket


William Shakespeares Star Wars by Ian Doescher

My Life in France by Alex Prud’Homme and Julia Child Narrated by Kimberly Farr[]


Gilmore Girls

Man in the High Castle

Planned Cast Ons:

Jake’s Sweater(s): I may have forgotten which one we decided on so here are a couple!

Enigmatic by Verena Design Team

Classic Oak Cardigan by Alexander Charlotte Dafoe


Little Brown Cardigan by Lisa R. Myers

Feather weight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig


2016 First Cast-ons

Hulk Man Socks in Malebrigo Sock

Handbrake cowl in Nice and Knit DK

Bonbon Shawl in A Hundred Ravens

French Can Can Shawl in Buffalo Wool Co.


2016 Knitting and Crafty Goals

12 Pairs of socks

2-3 complete planned Hand made outfits

2 sweaters (at least one forRhinebeck)

9-12 braids of Fiber spun

Never make a dress without a pattern again




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