Episode 5: All the Spinning

Welcome to the new year! And welcome back all new and returning viewers! Thank you for checking us out once again and we hope you enjoyed the episode!



Podcast/People Mentioned

Nessa Killtocraft Podcast

Jennie Tiny Paper Foxes

Eric Sticks+Twine

Dani Little Bobbin Knits

Kristen Voolenvine Yarns

Jeanette Bookish Stitcher Podcast

Isabelle Fluffy Fibers Podcast

Andi Andre Sue Knits



BonBon Shawl Size US9 A Hundred Ravens Jon Snow/A Ravens Wing

Palmer Farms Christmas eve cast on Socks Palmer Farm CVM Romeldale size US5 48 Stitches

Hulk Socks Malabrigo Sock Size 1 Chia Goos Circular

Handbrake Cowl in Nice and Knit DK Harpoon Size US 7

Cozy Mémoires Blanket



Zinnia Skirt


100% Machland 2-ply

100% SW Merino Chain-Ply

Stash Building

Black Sheep Yarn Shop, Torrington CT

New England Yarn and Spindle, Bristol CT





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