Episode 8: Crazy Mondays



Welcome to Episode 8 of the Once Upon A Corgi Podcast!

I want to start off with saying Welcome back to Jennie and Devon from their hiatus! You were missed in the podcasting land and everyone is happy to see you back up and doing well!

Come Check out our Ravelry Group

Etsy Shop for bags and yarns

What I’m wearing: Campside Shawl by Alicia Palmer

Give Away:

A Giant Thank you for everyone who has continued to hang out with us and watch us and stayed through our loud barks and weird faces!

Mina from the Knitting Expat Podcast has graciously donated her Across the Pond Shawl and to go with it I have Snow dyed up a skein of yarn thanks to the first blizzard of 2016!

And the Winner is StarlingBird! Send me a message on Ravelry or Instagram and I will get the yarn sent out to you and get Mina in touch with you!

Other good news!

Lucca Shawl KAL

Lucca Shawl by Jared Flood

1 March – 30 April

Co- Hosting with Carlene from the Made with Carlenergy Podcast and  Denise from the Yarn Geek Podcast

Yarn Dyeing Tutorials

Nicole Hue Loco

Laura Gynx Yarn

Andi Andre Sue Knits

People and Podcasts Mentioned

Mina Knitting Expat

Melissa Spicy Home Maker

Carlene Made with Carlenergy

Denise Yarn Geek

CC and Damaris Geeky Knit Girls

Adrian Freakish Lemon Podcast

Pinfeathers and purls : Candice

Melinda Yarnder Woman Podcast

Kristen Voolenvine Yarns

Andi Andre Sue Knits Podcast

Nicole Hue Loco

Laura The Dyer’s notebook

Double Gusset Heels by Cristi Payne


 Finished objects 

French CanCan Shawl by Mademoislle C

in Studio Donegal on knitters pride Dreamz interchangeable needles US nine.


Hulk Socks Malabrigo Sock Size 1 Chia Goos Circular

I Love you more than Pumpkin Spice Socks by CC/JavaPurl in Rainbow Heirloom
Little Brown Cardigan by Lisa R. Myers O-Wool Legacy DK Lake Eerie color in size US five
4 ounces 100% Shetland wool about heavy to mid-weight fingering weight. 402 yards
No sewing yet but plans for skeleton dress and drawing of a pattern for the square neckline Tudor style tutor inspired every day dress!
Shop update

Thank you to everyone who is purchased a kit they are all in the shop now!
– Building stash

Valentine’s Day swap posted by Melissa from Spacey homemaker partnered with Melinda from the Yarnder Woman podcast

Yarn diet swap with Candace from Pinfeathers and purls podcast

Voolenvine yarns ghastly crumb Yarn Club

Miriam FIbers and yarn Cashmere and Mink Lace weight Yarn


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