Episode 17: Skeletons All Around





Thank you for watching!


Give Away! From the super amazing and talented Eldenwood craft Etsy donated a scrumptious project bag and to go with it some SucreSucre markers.


What is your favorite dessert themed yarn? You can put links or pictures. Thread will close the morning of my next podcast: July 16/17


Things you should love and buy so I don’t:

Yellow Paper House knitting notebooks

Little Beach Hut Embroidery



Baby Cardigan US 4 : Once Upon A Corgi Yarns: Tom Kitten and Rolly Polly Pudding



Featherweight US 5: Once Upon A Corgi: The Romantics 

Sock Blank Socks US 1.5: AndreSueKnits Sock Blank

BB-8 Socks Us 0 : Must Stash Yarns OCD Self Striping 



Dress Simplicity 1080


Stitching: LOL no


Stash Building:

Knit Picks Stroll for Batman Sweater

Knit Picks Felici: Time Traveller and Beyond the Wall

Vadar/Luke OCD Sock Skeins and Luke Sock set by Must Stash Yarns



Sara’s Textured Craft: Shetland/Tencel Silk Le Soleil

Narwhal and Needlework: 100% Polwarth in Bottle Rocket


Unofficial Tour De Fleece #unofficaltourdefleece Plans


Stretch goals:

Loop Bump from VKL

Bitsy Knits Sock Kits The Case of the Angry Mourner and the Case of the Murderous Mermaid.



Finished The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory

Current: The Space Between by Diana Gabaldon

Started Katherine of Aragon on Audible.

Plans: Sith and Spin Maul Lockdown by Drew Karpyshyn


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