Episode 18 : KNIToran I Choose You!


Ravelry Group  Once Upon A Corgi Podcast

Instagram: @Gabigails

Etsy. Uponacorgi.etsy.com

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Rib Magazine

By Devon and Eric



Eldenwood Craft Giveaway: Eldenwood craft small project bag and BFF peas and carrots progress keepers from SucreSucre. Prompt: what is your favorite dessert yarn?


Winner: 18 : Natalou Kathloon Julia Asselin : Shortcake and Confiture !


I have been  inspired!

Katie is doing a SAL for the Hollyburn skirt!


I want to do a sew along and think that it is a fantastic idea so I want to pull from her idea and do one too!

I picked it up at Jo-anns and want to have this dress done for Rhinebeck.


Start August 1 and have weekly goals so you can have a dress done by the end of August! (For those who have full time jobs, or children, or just busy bodies like myself, it will give you plenty of time to set aside some time not every day but at least every week to work on your sewing.)


Week 1: Gather your supplies | Pattern, fabric, notions, thread, needles all that jazz.

Wash your fabric

Cut out pattern


Week 2 : make your muslin

Make your adjustments to your pattern if need be.

Cut out your fabric! (Scary I Know)


Week 3 Put together your pieces, top and bottom separately!


Week 4: Take your skirt and attach to your bodice! Now for the scary scary part the zipper!you can do it!. Add the zipper and hem! VIOLA!


Ravelry Group  Once Upon A Corgi Podcast

Instagram: @Gabigails

Etsy. Uponacorgi.etsy.com

Shownotes: Onceuponacorgi.wordpress.com




Finished Objects:


Works in Progress:


Across the pond shawl by Mina Phillip | Us 6 Knitters Pride Dreamz Interchangables

Half-Blood Prince by Homespun House | Lily Potter Once Upon A Corgi

Featherweight Cardigan | Us 5 Knitters Pride Nova

The Romantics by Once Upon A Corgi

Giant Socks (Blueberry Waffle pattern) | Chiao Goo US 0 9” circulars

BB-8 ONCE Self-striping by Must Stash Yarns

Vanilla Socks | Us 1.5 Knitters Pride cubix DPNs

Stag and Roses Sock Blank by Andi Andresueknits


Sith and Spin:

Maul Lockdown by Joe Schreiber |  Narrated Jonathan Davis


Narwhal and Needlework 100% Polwarth | Bottle Rocket



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