Episode 19 I’m NOT Dead I swear





Thank you sososososososososoosossoooooo much for watching, checking us out, supporting the shop and being over all the best community I have ever been a part of and I cannot exclaim how happy I am to be a part of it.

You can find me at all the fun places

Instagram @Gabigails/@Onceuponacorgi

Ravelry Gabigails | Once Upon A Corgi Podcast

Etsy Uponacorgi.etsy.com

My brain is still a little bit of everywhere so if I missed anything PLEASE let me know!



Finished Objects

Vanilla Cappuccino Socks by CC Almon in Andre Sue Knits Stag sock blank

Don’t Touch those leaves Official Unofficial Rhinebeck Socks by Debbie Reese  in Mr Tod by Once Upon A Corgi

Carmel Espresso Socks by CC Almon in Confetti and Champagne by Gynx Yarn


Works in Progress

Blueberry Waffle socks for the Giant in BB-8 Self striping by Must Stash Yarns

Highland Peaks shawl by Mina Philip in Loop Bump Poisoned Strawberries, Skeinny Dipping in Cease and Desist and Red Velvet.

Feather weight Cardigan by Hanna Fetig in The Romantics, Coffee with my Cream by Once Upon A Corgi


Pattern from Cloud Factory Cross Stitching





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