Episode 23: Audrey Interrupts Everything

Thank you to everyone who is a returning viewer and Welcome to everyone who is new!

  • Thank you to Mina for the giveaway pattern of the Open Skies Hat
  • Winner : QuilterDawn !#PumpkinKAL is still going strong! Post your FOs in both mine and Joanna’s threads!
  • Thank you to Michael from Apteno Knits for Donating a beautiful skein of Wood Warbler on his Sparkle Base

New England Fiber Festival Once Upon A Corgi Handmade will be there at the In Sheep’s Clothing booth November 5 and 6 2016.

I will be either in the booth or somewhere wandering around petting sheep so stop by and say hello!


There are no words for you!

People you NEED to check out!

The Yarn Hoarder! We met her at Stitches and remet her at Rhinebeck and oh my glob she is a sweetheart and her YARN STASH.

The Flame and Fiber Podcast. Such a lovely woman, she gifted us these tiny GORGEOUSLY made flame stitch marker, the flame part? GLASS  TORCH. I can’t even

The Haul | Loop Bump 100% Merino in Platinum Print

                  | Into the Whirled Polwarth/Tussah Silk in Captain Tightpants

                  | Into the Whirled Cheviot in Queen of France


  • Wendy’s Pullover by Ruthie Nussbaum in Hedgehog Sock Pollen
  • Highland Peaks Shawl by mina Philip in Skeinny Dipping Red Velvet and Cease and Desist and Loop Bump Posined Strawberry
  • Cynthia Rowley Dress
  • Kwik Sew Sailor Shorts



  • BB-8 Blueberry Waffle socks in bb-8 by Must Stash
  • Vanilla Socks in These are the Droids you are Looking for by Havirland
  • Good Vibes Shawl by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne in Once Upon A Corgi Handmade Demon Unicorn and Like my Cold Dead Heart


Stash Trade 

Little Bean Crochet Littlebean Loves Hand Painted yarn in Cave of Wonders on yak Sock base

Graynbow minis!

Things I love

Barruntando Etsy Shop! If you need to look at something adorable THIS is it.


Shop Update!

October 20th 7 PM EST

Some new things, some limited edition things and some things that are old favorites.



Penny Dreadful


West World


The Boleyn Experience  by Phillipa Gregory


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