Yarn Bases

Audrey 80/20 SW BFL/ Nylon 400 yards Fingering weight


Strong but skin soft fingering weight yarn. Able to stand up as socks or drape beautifully in a shawl.

Ginger Base
Ginger 75/20/5 SW Merino/ Nylon/ Gold Stelina 438 yds Fingering weight


Who doesn’t want a little Sparkle in their knitting?

Isaac 100% Polwarth 400 meters Fingering weight


Contains the buttery-ness of Merino while holding up with the strength of a long stapled Lincoln. Fingering weight that can take the test of socks while still being soft enough for close to skin comfort.

Oliver 100% SW Merino Single Ply 400 yds Fingering Weight


All the single yarns? Fantastic stitch definitionĀ and cloud like softness you can never go wrong in your shawls or cowls with a single ply.

Penny Base
Penny 80/10/10 SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon 435 yds Fingering Weight


Cloud..Nay..Puppy soft with a blend of cashmere for luxury and a mix of nylon for strength. Treat Yo Feet or Treat your everything else! There is no place you don’t want to snuggle some Cashmere.